Ruslan, a resident of Mikhailovka village, Tyup district, lives along the Mikhaylovka-Mayak route. Ruslan asked the PC PREC Karakol to help him restore the damage caused by low-quality supply of electricity and to connect his house to electricity.

According to the client’s application, on August 28th 2012 there was an accident that occurred on the high-voltage line near his household. The high-voltage line fell on the distribution electricity wire of 220 volts, resulting in burned electricity devices, such as TVs, and electric stoves for cooking. Fortunately, no one in the house was injured. Ruslan immediately turned to RES and received the answer: "The accident at the line is not RES's fault and if he (Ruslan) buys an electricity cable length of 70 m, the outlet and pays for the work costing 1600 soms, they (RES staff) will eliminate the problems and connect his house to electricity ".

The Public Centre provided legal consultation, explained the actions of consumers and suppliers in cases of electrical appliance failure because of the accident in the power supply. Employees of PC PREC supported Ruslan in the preparation of appeals to the relevant authorities. A copy of appeal was also sent to the JSC "Vostokelektro".

On September 24th 2012, Ruslan went to the PC PREC Karakol again as RES did not answer his appeal, and his house had no electricity. The power company was not going to reimburse costs.

After PC PREC Karakol negotiated with JSC "Vostokelektro", a decision was made to visit Ruslan’s house on September 25th, and in the presence of the applicant, the foreman and lawyer Tyup RES solve the problem. The issue of connecting of house to electricity by RES and cost recovery was resolved.

Result: Visiting Commission, in the presence of the above mentioned parties decided that:

  1. Prior to October 1st 2012, Tup RES will restore the electrical cables. The amount of the costs incurred by the client for the repair of household appliances will be compensated in cash or by offsetting electricity.
  2. The client shall repair the burned home appliances and give reciepts to RES for reimbursement

Photo: Unison Group

Nurmetova Dilyara

PC PREC Karakol