"Be Warm, Kyrgyzstan!" Campaign

Be Warm, Kyrgyzstan!-I


The purpose of this project was to promote awareness among the Kyrgyz population and to strengthen rural household’s ability to survive the autumn and winter 2014/2015 with

a) minimum economic losses;

b) maintaining high living standards; 

c)efficient management of water and energy resources for agricultural production.

Unison’s contribution included:

  • Brochure "Kyshka dayardanuunun zhөnөkөyzholdoru" with practical advice and recommendations tailored to local circumstances;
  • Training of Trainers (TOT)
  • Public lectures
  • Training on making thermos ‘tuyunchok’
  • Training for the production of candle heaters
  • Monitoring of the demonstration of insulation


• 23,753 copies of the booklet "Simple ways to get prepared for the winter"

• 16 trained experts from all regions of Kyrgyzstan (except for the Batken region) to conduct public lectures and counseling on 4 themes - warming, the economy, human health, animal husbandry;

• 2 insulated houses in the villages Chon-Kyzyl-Suu and Zholgolot in Issyk-Kul oblast;

• 1 insulated animal farm in Chon-Kyzyl-Suu village, Issyk-Kul oblast,

• 20 citizens in Chon-Kyzyl-Suu village, Issyk-Kul region directly involved in the process of warming the house and outbuildings,

• 13,369 participants directly involved in the events throughout Kyrgyzstan

• More than 40,000 citizens informed through the media

• covered 408 settlements 

• 1 information-analytical report "The standard of living in Kyrgyzstan and energy crisis in winter 2014/2015 year" in Russian,

• 5 individual seamstresses trained in sewing and production of devices for keeping warm,

• Made 100 Thermos-tuyunchok, including 20 pcs. transferred to the NGO "Onor-Bulagy" (a member of the Climate Network of Kyrgyzstan) as initial capital.

• Made 102 candle heater



Be Warm, Kyrgyzstan!-II

The aim of the “Supporting Civil Society in Holding an Information Campaign on Energy Consumers’ Rights and Energy Saving” Project was to hold a large-scale national information campaign on consumers’ rights and energy efficiency to solve the following issues:

-       Provide the citizens with practical ways to increase flexibility of their households to cope with planned electricity blackouts during the upcoming winter period;

-       Help the consumers avoid corruption through raising their awareness of their rights;

-       Decrease energy consumption through informing the energy consumers about their responsibilities and practical methods of energy saving for houses and offices;

-       Support improvement of the quality of customer services and increase public trust in the energy sector institutions.

The project also included the following related aspects:

-       Development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of Unison’s annual communication plan on awareness raising among the consumers (supported by international communication expert);

-       Updating the information portal for energy consumers (www.zppe.net.kg) with the support of the consultant and a web programmer.

Read more about Stay warm, Kyrgyzstan! on USAID official website.



Green skills for local communities - G-Star

“The Green Skills Training in Rural AReas (G - STAR)” project, financed by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation and implemented by Unison Group together with AVEP Public Foundation, CEEBA Public Foundation, and Ametis Public Foundation, aims to improve the green skills of young people (formerly unemployed) and potential migrants through a system of sustainable professional training that in the future will support employment or self-employment and increase in incomes in the sphere of energy efficient construction.

The main tasks of the project pilot phase were:

  • Together with Unison Group:

-       To organize and hold a platform to coordinate knowledge on energy efficiency;

-       To hold an awareness raising campaign to inform the population about energy efficiency (house insulation) in rural areas.

  • Together with Ametis: To promote trainings on utilizing natural energy efficient materials for the purposes of houses insulation and on construction of energy efficient stoves in the rural area of Chui region;
  • Together with CEEBA and suppliers: To hold trainings in Chui region on house insulation using industrial materials.