We can provide you the following services:
Public lectures

Unison Group has a lot of experience in organizing and conducting public lectures on national and local levesl. We have a great training team with experience in conducting workshops.

We have organised informational and educational events for energy companies, suppliers of energy materials, construction and installation companies and students. Through the implementation of  projects such as "Ushubo/Be warm Kyrgyzstan I and II”, effective mechanisms of cooperation with local authorities and the active population in all parts of Kyrgyzstan have been carried out.

It is important to note that during the last information campaign, UNISON Group covered 600 villages with a population of approximately thirty thousand people. If you need to carry out an information campaign in a region, we are able to provide you with our communications and supply information.

Trainings on raising awareness of energy consumers rights

Since 2012, Public Centres for the “Protection of the rights of electricity consumers” and Unison Group have been operating in all regions of the country and provide consulting support in solving legal disputes. PREC specialists actively participate in public events and are aware of the existing problems arising between suppliers and consumers of electricity.

Considering the importance of legal literacy for the population, we conduct numerous training sessions. Due to these educational events, more and more people learn about their rights and responsibilities and this promotes a more positive attitude towards the energy sector. The experience and knowledge of Unison Group trainers enables sessions to be conducted at a high standard, ensuring the effectiveness of training and having a feedback channel.

Measurement of electricity quality

Experts and energy engineers of "Unison Groupare able to provide services for electricity quality measurement using a special recorder, which determines the quality of the energy supplied.

Measurements are carried out by using special parameters (voltage deviation, sine wave voltage distortion and the coefficient of the n-th harmonic component of the voltage) which give a complete picture of the quality of electricity supply and electricity. After measurement of the electricity quality, protocol is issued as the basis for applying to the relevant structures.

Electricity measurement ensures transparency and provides opportunities for energy savings.

Energy audit of your home

In order to have a more energy efficiency home, you need to identify and eliminate heat loss. Using our service "Energy audit of your home", you can get recommendations on efficient use of energy resources and recommendations to reduce energy costs.

Engineers of Unison Group use thermographing to determine the places of greatest heat loss. The use of this control method makes it possible to identify defects in the walls of buildings (facades), roofs (coverings) and translucent structural elements and take measures for their timely repair.

Energy audits also reveal places of condensation, defective panels and heat leaks through the seams of buildings and homes. This makes it possible to detect defects and take necessary measures. Furthermore, our experts will give you advice on the selection of high-quality thermal insulation materials that will help to make your home energy efficient.