Consumer right protection

Knowledge of legal issues is of particular importance in the daily life of every person. But this information is not always available and often becomes the cause of controversial issues in the relationship between suppliers and consumers of electricity. One of the main components of the programme activities of the "Unison Group" is conducting awareness-raising work among the population. Our site aims to fill this gap. 

The vast experience gained by the The Center of Protection of Consumers has hundreds of stories, each of which reflects the everyday problems of our fellow citizens. They are available in our archive cases from 2012 to 2016 and gain a clearer understanding of how to solve a difficult situation in the legal field in relations with energy companies. 

A list of legal acts that can be used to protect and promote the interests of consumers of electricity is given. In connection with changes in the tariff policy, the population has many questions. By publishing the latest news, we will keep you updated on pricing which will also help protect the interests of ordinary users of electricity.

The "Unison Group" website provides a wide range of information on the protection of electricity consumers' rights. You can check your knowledge on our web site by answering the questions of Unison experts. The test will determine your level of awareness.

Unison Group continues to inform the public through the distribution of printed materials that you can download in the "Publications" section in Russian, Kyrgyz, and English languages.