Electricity voltage

Electricity voltage is one of the main indicators of electricity supply and  quality which directly affects the performance of electrical devices connected to it.

This section provides the basic norms of legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic on the quality of electricity supplie and the  mechanisms and responsibilities of the parties. It also introduces the basic concepts and terminology for electricity quality, as well as methods and recommendations for improving the electricity quality in daily life.

Electricity tends to change frequently and it is very difficult for an ordinary consumer to define its quality. Therefore, PU UNISON introduced special instrumental measurements and began its work on the voltage and on-site power quality monitoring, creating a database of measurement results data.

To do this, Unison has worked together with a network of PC PRCE since January 2014 to measure indicators of supplied electricity to meet the state standard requirements. Since May 2014, similar work was implemented in the towns of Kant in Chui oblast and Naryn. The duration of a single measurement is 7 days, including weekdays and weekends.

Measurements are made by the registrar of power quality PE-01. It is important to note that the device has passed a special verification, certification and registration by the authorised bodies for compliance with the benchmark. The main purpose of the work was to stengthen effective argumentative dialogue platforms between suppliers and consumers of electricity.