Kyrgyz Coal Market

When the heating season starts, every homeowner faces the issue of coal selection, which must meet quality standards. Another important issue is the price of the coal, since the intermediary companies speculate on prices in the autumn-winter period, which is unprofitable for the family budget. In order to avoid such situations, we offer you a map, developed by experts of Unison Group, with an indication of the real value of the coal throughout the country.

It is important to note that the Unison Group  in its work captures and analyzes the coal industry in the country through analyzing the situation and conducting market research. Our work led to very interesting results, which are also presented on the website. It is well known that high-quality coal can result in significant energy savings. Therefore, it is important to know some of the properties of coal, which will allow you to purchase goods at affordable price and high quality.

Current prices of local and imported coal in Kyrgyz Republic. Information from official web site of Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyz Republic.