Energy tariffs

The ongoing changes in the tariff policy confuses people about how much andwhat they have to pay for. We have created this section to clarify these questions. These are actual costs for the use of electricity.

Socially oriented tariff increased to 77 tyiyns instead of 84 tyiyns from August 1st 2015, as planned by the MTP (medium-term tariff policy). The guaranteed amount at this rate of consumption will increase to 1000 kWh for residents of the highlands and remote areas of the country from October 1 until May 1st.

The average tariff for population is 216 tyiyns instead of the previously planned 220 tyiyns. Thus, for the total population the price will be applicable from the consumption level of 700 kWh, and for the residents of the high altitude and remote areas rate - 1,000 kWh within the period. The average tariff for the consumer groups: industry, agriculture, budget consumers and other users is set at 224 tyiyns starting from August, instead of the previously planned 230 tyiyns.